Skin Analysis Consultation

(redeemable on booking a course of facials)
A one on one advanced skin analysis with our skilled skin technicians who will diagnose and prescribe individualised skin routines and home care tailored to suit every client with their experience and knowledge to get the best possible results to achieve the ultimate restored and rejuvenated skin.


30 min $35.00

Medispa Refresher Facial

A very popular treatment to prepare the skin prior to an event or during your lunch break. A 30 minute treatment specially concentrating on your skin. You still receive individualised masks and serums but as time is of the essence some pampering extras are condensed but still with the amazing results of feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.


30 min $64.90

Vitamin Touch

A luxurious, relaxing treatment that delivers essential vitamins to restore the skins health, radiance and resilience. The magic of this treatment lies in the combination of a specially selected power house formulations and the knowledge and caring therapeutic hands of our therapists.


45 min $79.90

Restoring Facial

A deeply hydrating facial for all skin types producing moisture that has an immediate action by forming a protective film to replenish and trap moisture in the skin to ensure long lasting hydration, including serums to suit individual skin types, this facial will replenish and seal in moisture as well as restoring and protecting the skin barrier. 


1 hour $99.90

Delux Restoring Facial

Advanced skin treatment specially matched offering concentrated serums to improve individual skin concerns. Every skin type is unique and has different needs. Our individually tailored treatments achieve results for every skin type. (Anti-aging, Dehydration, Sensitive, Pure)



90 min $149.90

Express Mens Facial

A 30 minute treatment specially concentrating on your skin. Infused with the old fashioned goodness of nature delivering a fragrance they call ‘smoke and wood’. This nutrient rich hydrating facial will leave skin feeling toned, supple and fresh. Our “Gameface” is built for todays performance needs giving you the chance to knock it out of the park!


30 min $64.90

Add On - Hand or Foot Wrap $29.90
The perfect add-on to any treatment to soften, smooth and revive the dry sun damaged skin on hands or feet. The intelligent combination of AHA’s, essential oils and vitamins A,C & E will help to achieve a deeply nourished, healthier, even toned and youthful looking feel.
Add On - Radio Frequency $39.90
Radio frequency is a non-invasive aesthetic technique that uses energy to warm tissue opening channels so the products can penetrate deeper and stimulate sub-dermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. Radio frequency enhances the results of our treatments.
Add On - LED $49.90
Different wavelengths of LED lights penetrate the skin at different depths. This penetration triggers the biological processes that helps the skin rejuvenate and heal. Reducing inflammation and the activity in the sebaceous glands, killing bacteria to improve acne. Improving scarring, pigmentation, age spots as well as signs of aging such as wrinkles by acting on fibroblasts, which are skin cells that are responsible for collagen production to tone and tighten the skin.