To get the most out of the following advanced treatments is to select a series of treatments for outstanding results!

IPL Hair Reduction FOor dark, grey, red & blonde hair
For the removal of unwanted hair, IPL is safe and non-invasive and the results are worth the experience This is permanent hair reduction. While it is initially more expensive than other treatments, once a course of IPL has been completed, only occasional maintenance treatments will be required.
Consult $29.90 | Back $450 | Lip $69
Areola $79 | Chin $95 | Bikini $129
Full Face $229 | High Bikini $169 | Nape of Neck $149
Brazilian $199 | Under arm $115 | Linea Alba $89
Chest $290 | Full leg $449 | Forearm $190
Lower leg $389 | Full Arm $390 | Upper leg $390
Hands $139 Feet $139 | Lip & Chin $149

IPL SKIn Rejuvenation
Photo rejuvenation is a revolutionary new procedure that creates younger and healthier looking skin. Photo rejuvenation is able to treat all of the skin conditions and the collagen structure at the same time. Removing the visible signs of ageing can take years off your appearance giving a smooth clear skin. A course of IPL treatments is required and excellent long term results stimulating the production of collagen. More collagen means firmer,smoother skin with an obvious reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

Pigmentation, discoloration and sun spots can all be treated effectively with IPL providing you with the clear and even complexion you have always wanted. A course of treatments is required with excellent long term results.

Redness, flushing, damaged or dilated capillaries respond well to IPL Treatment to minimise these concerns. Your therapist will consult with you to establish the best IPL treatment protocols and homecare products to help strengthen your capillaries and improve skin density.
Consultation $29.90 | Cheeks & nose $129
Décolletage $229 | Full Face $290
Face, Neck & Déc $390 | Hands $139
Spot Treatments $69

Prices are subject to change

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