Sit back in our massaging pedicure chairs and look out at the beautiful Richmond Rangers while soaking your feet and relax. We will shape your nails, tidy cuticles and remove rough skin. After a warm sugar cane exfoliation enjoy the sensation of warm infused exotic oil to massage the legs and feet then pick your favourite polish colour to finish. A great therapy for tired feet.
We have two stations and this is a fantastic way to catch up with someone special!

File & Polish $25.00
Mini Pedicure ¾ Hour$59.95
Spa Pedicure* 1 Hour $89.90

Pure Fiji Pedicure* 1 Hour$89.90
Mani/Pedi Combo 1¼ Hour $109.90/p>

*Spa Pedicure an added pedi Peel for amazing instant results to remove the dry hard skin on your feet. *Pure Fiji Pedicure an added moisture conditioning treatment.